A full loving wedding in Half Moon Bay: Brooklyn & Grant

Brooklyn & Grant met in a restaurant back in Oklahoma. Actually, she was on a date with another guy (first and last). Grant and his son were enjoying dinner, sitting right next to them, when everyone's phone started to sound off with a tornado warning saying to seek shelter immediately. Her date was in the restroom at that moment.
Brooklyn looked over at Grant. She smiled and said: "I couldn't help but notice how no one is running for shelter", to which Grant replied: "if it's our time, I couldn't think of a better way to go, enjoying a nice dinner with my son in a beautiful restaurant". That was simply all that was said between these two souls that night.

That same weekend Brooklyn was out of town for a wedding so she did not check her email for 5 days. But when she came home, she noticed an email from an unexpected person. Brooklyn told me that it stated: "this is the most forward thing I have ever done, but Thursday night you were at the restaurant with a date/friend and you had mentioned your name when you were speaking of yourself in third person, and you had also mentioned the town that  you were from so I looked you up and found your email… If you were on a date & have decided to continue dating him then please forgive me and disregard this email… If not I would love nothing more than to be the man on the other side of the table the next time you are available".  
That was probably one of the most romantic things I've ever heard. And me, being a romantic latino, I have to say... KUDOS man! That was spot on!

Grant later told Brooklyn that when his eyes met hers he said to himself: "that's HER". He simply knew without a doubt that she was the girl God had meant to be his wife. Of course Brooklyn's heart melted into his and they wanted so badly to become one. 
Ever since, they have had a wonderful whirl-wind romance that led them to the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, getting married on the beach. Just the two of them.

Brooklyn and Grant agreed to do a "trash the dress session" that same day. I was like a dog with two tails, jumping up out of joy. The horizon and the location could not be more perfect. The sunset was as mesmerizing as these two beautiful souls.

Brooklyn & Grant, thank you so much for choosing me to shoot your special day in California. I  know you guys belong to each other and wish you happiness and joy in your new life together.