A love story in the Bay Area. Dahee & Reggie

Another early engagement session. Another awesome couple to document their love to one another. Dahee came to San Francisco from Korea not too long ago for work. She decided to quit her job and stay in the Bay Area, because she felt a strong connection with this place. Not too long after, she met Reggie, and they fell in love. 

We started our day at the Palace of Fine Arts. Such a sweet spot to witness the sun rise and the shadows it can draw on walls and pretty much everywhere. We shot some pretty cool images, and decided to move to the Legion of Honor. We were the first ones there, so we had the whole place for us to use. And abuse.

We wrap it up in Bakers Beach and it was just perfect. I shot a wedding that same day, right after this engagement and took the bride and groom also to Bakers Beach. So me shooting here for the first time was pretty awesome. Or twice as awesome! 

I wish you guys the best of luck getting married in South Korea.