A Tale of two loves: Philly & Nick

Love has no boundaries. Nick moved to The US from England not only for work, but to meet her soulmate: Philly. These two are so cute together with their little Puddle named Pancake, and so up for an adventure that I had to keep up with their running around. First we started at the Twin Peaks, where we had a wonderful view of the Bay Area. It was truly breathtaking. After a couple of shots here and there, Philly & Nick decided they wanted to go for a hike to the Sutro Baths. Now, this place is unbelievable. One would think shooting around the Golden Gate, but this location is hands down amazing. Everything is a big ruin now, and it does have an interesting story behind. We had a lot of fun shooting here, even with a infinite number of tourists.

We decided that it would be cool to go back to the Twin Peak to have so shots of San Francisco with it's million lights on. It was so amazing! 
Can't wait to shoot your wedding guys! Rock on!