A wedding in Peru: Alejandra & Marco.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. I met Alex in pre-school. I was 5 years old. We grew 2 blocks apart from each other, and although we kind of stop seeing each other after some years (we both went to different schools) we started to hang out again when we were teenagers. We both created a heavy metal band, and we gigged everywhere we could. It was such a great time. We skateboarded together, we went to parties, and pretty much everywhere. He was part of my family, as I was part of his. Then, some years later, he told me he met this girl. Her name was Alejandra, and they started dating for a little while. Unfortunately, she had to leave to Puerto Rico, and both set their paths away from each other. Alex & I went to college (different... again) and we didn't see each other as frequent. He graduated in Marketing and I got a BA in Advertising. Fast forward a decade later. I moved to the States and I only had some contact with him -and pretty much everyone else- through messenger and Facebook. One day, while I was living in NYC, Alex came. He told me he was seeing Alejandra again. I was a little surprised, because I knew she was not in Lima anymore, so he said he was going back and forth from Peru to Puerto Rico. Oh... and he was not Alex anymore.  He was Marco. Thing is his name is Marco Alejandro, so he started using his first name instead. But Marco is Alex, and he will always be Alex for me. My best friend.
After some time, he came back to NY. I was living in Brooklyn at the time and I shot his engagement session (you can scroll down a few pages and you will find it). It was a RIOT! 
So, he asked me if I could come to Peru to shoot his wedding. Was that a serious question? Of course! I know Alejandra a little bit more now. She has an awesome and fun son. And, although he is not Marco's, the three of them make a beautiful family. They truly are. I know in the bottom of my heart that the three of you will always have each other. Knowing Alex for so many years, I can say he picked the prefect girl. She is smart, hard worker and beautiful. I know he made a good decision. And I know he will stand by it. He is a great friend, a good son and he will be a great husband and father. And I also know that if could pick a friend so I could make it a brother, it would be you. I know you guys are going to be happy. And I can't wait to see you again. This time... Im going to Puerto Rico!!!