Beautiful Miraflores & Barranco, and my seventh day back home.

Yup, seventh. I did take a break with my camera for one day. Visiting family and good ol' friends was actually on my top things to do on the list on my sixth day in Peru, but first in Lima. Plus, it is actually very difficult to snap pictures while hugging so many people. Anyway, what is to say about Lima besides the people? FOOD!!! Oh boy! it is really hard to even try to start telling you why peruvian food is so scrumptious! If you ever go to Lima, you will realize what I was trying not to explain here. 

The main city, in my opinion: Miraflores. Busy as always. With their little coffee places, the people in the parks, the traffic and the dollar exchange men. It was so nice to see such a beautiful town like this. It honestly felt like ten years didn't even draw a little wrinkle in its "face".
But not only we stayed in this cool district. I was so eager to come back to my favorite town in Lima: Barranco. I have so many memories in this place. I cannot even count how many fun nights I had in this side of town. Walking through the boulevard made my heart melt down. My teenage years were written in Barranco, met countless of people and great friendships started. Definitively. Such great memories. I hope you enjoy these images.