Fields of Gold in Los Altos: Shannon & Pablo

Shannon and Pablo decided to have a vey interesting engagement session. We met in Los Altos and hike all the way up to Rancho San Antonio. The song "Fields of Gold" from Sting was loud in my head as we were almost up there at the picnic site. There were fields of gold everywhere I looked. It was amazing. So quiet, yet so loud in beauty; so peaceful, yet so wild and rough. It was just perfect. 

Shannon had this gorgeous shade shifting sapphire ring with surrounding diamonds. The sapphire happens to be his birth stone. That's a note to myself. Very tasteful. Nicely done Pablo! The bikes were custom made and they rode like champs up to the highest point, where we all enjoyed some cheese and champagne. This guys are so in love, it gave me the chills just to photograph them. I cannot wait to shoot the wedding in October! Congratulations guys!