His Canadian flower. Lauren & Ross.

The prospect of mountains full of fresh powdery snow brought Lauren and Ross together in the winter of 2012. They were part of a group skiers and snowboarders renting a cabin in South Lake Tahoe for the season. They met and hit it off as friends, but Ross was immediately intrigued by this Canadian girl.
They soon became good friends and shared many moments of laughter and adventures. We all know how the snow season has been pretty bad for the past few years around this area of the country, but that didn't stop them from seeing each other. They realized they wanted to spend more time together and went where the water is abundant and reliable: The beach!  
A surf trip, organized by some other friends, was the perfect excuse for them to keep hanging out. But "mysteriously" the other friends cancelled at last minute. Pretty much the perfect excuse for a rad first date. So, since then... they have become inseparable. 

So around May I met Lauren at a Lyft-line around San Francisco. We exchanged information, and after a couple of weeks I received an email from both of them. They wanted to talk to me about their wedding photography. I was jumping on one foot!
So I met them on Mother's Day at a coffee shop in Haight-Ashbury. They had a vision for their special day and I fell in love with the ideas instantly. And it was only a little over a month after when they decided to shoot their engagement session.

We met at Black Sands. This brewery was perfect for it's location, cool vibe and light. It honestly helped me capture these two romance as we all broke the ice. After all, capturing natural moments take some time and preparation. It was pretty effortless I must say. Lauren & Ross are so madly in love, it just took a couple of minutes for them to feel very comfortable in front of the lens. Me? I was melting behind the camera, snapping as much as I could from this wonderful and good looking couple. Lauren showed me her ring and I instantly noticed the beauty in it. You did a great job Ross, that Canadian rock is stunning!

Then, we all switched gears. Let's go outside to the Haight-Ashbury playground! We found some cool buildings, construction sites, graffiti and what not. We all had a great time. As a New Yorker, I felt like a fish in the sea. The more noise, the more fun! We ended up in another bar: Maven. The whole decor and set up was just gorgeous. We took some more pictures there and decided to have a change of scenery. We ended up at the Golden Gate Park, by the California Academy of Sciences. We wrap up the day shooting really great images and sharing laughs and great moments. 

I just can't wait for your wedding day in Santa Cruz guys. I am super honored and thrilled to be part of your special day and I am looking forward also for your day-after session.

Cheers to the beautiful couple