Hot Tomales: Shelly & Nick

I met Shelly and Nick early this year as a referral from Denise Kramer -a fabulous wedding planner located in Petaluma.- We hit it off right away and we decided to do the engagement shoot in April, so they could share the images before their wedding in June. There was nothing set on stone, but they wanted to include Nicks' Cove -a fantastic restaurant in Tomales Bay.

We started at Tomales. I was a little surprised how small this town was, but we quickly found so many things to play around with. Trucks, abandoned cars, stairs, flowers old buildings and a beautiful church, just to mention a few cool things and places to hit the floor running with. We had a fun session there, and we quickly moved to Dillon Beach. They wanted to include a bench where Nick and Shelly kissed for the first time. 

The sun was on my side that day. The light was fabulous and the colors never stopped popping up throwing my way the most amazing tones and contrasts. We landed on Nick's Cove just to witness how stunning this place was for pictures. I was like a dog with two tails as my mind was blowing with so many possibilities to shoot. And not to mention these two guys. By that time we had already warmed up and we felt super comfortable with each other. They were exuding so much love I could not stop snapping picture after picture. We had such a fantastic time and I cannot wait to shoot your wedding day guys. Congratulations!