Just beautiful Valencia

Valencia is just beautiful. And it's not just because I just came from Barcelona, but this city is just gorgeous too. I was lucky enough to find a very nice Airbnb in the middle of the city, and only walking distance from many attractions. By now, my feet were destroyed. 

But you know me. I just kept walking. And made it to the City of Arts and Sciences or Ciutat de les Arts i les CiènciesJaw dropping. It felt like I was in a Star Wars scene. So futuristic, yet not.

Inside, the museum's displays were really awesome. You could see exhibits about physics, biology, history, an many more. This place is remarkably big and a candy to some eyes. The building's angles and the overall structures at this City of Arts and Sciences, in a photographic point of view, are a never-ending place to play around. You can be there for hours, just snapping photos. So I spent the entire day there. The next morning I took a different route. I wanted to see the Gulliver park. Unfortunately, it was closed that day for some sort of restoration. But lucky me, the Mestalla was only a few blocks from there. Now, I am a Barça fan, but the Valencia stadium -the third biggest one in Spain, and soon to be fourth- is really impressive. 

I took a tour at this huge stadium. Bought some Valencia FC souvenirs and had a huge pint of beer. Actually two. It was hot that day, and kind of humid. Walked some more, had some incredible food and went back to my Airbnb, which was located only two blocks away from the bullring. Another night to go to bars, drink and have fun. Valencia was really beautiful.