Lets go get married!: Kate & Jeff

My second time shooting an elopement at the San Francisco City Hall. Kate & Jeff were amazing! What a great couple to work for. These two were rangers and loved to try any crazy shot I could come up with. The day started in downtown San Francisco, were Kate and Jeff tied the knot in front of their family and friends. Later, we took a ride to the Fairmont Hotel. And literally, I was blown away. What a photographer's playground that place can be! I was going bananas while I was walking the premises trying to come up with interesting spots to frame here two love for each other. But the fun was at Cirque, one of the city's best known bars.  Located on the first floor of the Fairmont Hotel, this place has a beauty of its own. It was also the first bar to open in SF after Prohibition. It is still intact since then, and also its original murals by Margaret Bruton. 

What a great night shooting for Kate and Jeff. Great friends and fantastic families. I can't wait to go surfing with you Jeff! You have to get to tech me how to stand on a wave!!!