Tacos, enchiladas, and a gorgeous wedding in Oaxaca, MX. Andrea & Polo.

I was excited about this wedding, since I booked it back in NYC. Andrea & Polo had seen my work because of her sister (and my dear friend) Tania. They contacted me back in July 2014 and we began designing what was going to be her wedding pictures. Towards the beginning of 2015 I was getting more and more thrilled about having the opportunity to travel to Mexico and shoot their special day. As soon as I arrived in Mexico, I fell instantly in love with this gorgeous country. The warmth of the people, the beautiful scenarios, the food... I was like a dog with two tails! So happy!
We finally met at Hotel Quinta Real. A beautiful and perfect place for this big wedding. Everything about it was just amazing: the colors, the architecture, the guests, the whole vision of it. Andrea & Polo's family welcomed me so nicely, I felt I knew them for a long time already. 
I guess the warmth in Mexico its just ingrained in them. That's just how they are. 
The church, Santo Domingo de Guzman, was the place where these two promised unconditional love for the rest of their lives. And that place was just breathtaking. As a Peruvian, I've been exposed to gorgeous temples and this one in particular was just unbelievable. Andrea was radiant in her wedding dress and Polo was looking sharp in his tuxedo. As the ceremony started, the whole Catholic ritual was on course, very traditional, and elegant as it should be. It was just perfect.

Then the "Calenda" happened! I was like... WHAT?? These people just party on the street right after receiving the blessing. The night is ours! Firecrackers, boisterous and fun music, traditional dances, and the whole city went out to celebrate these two getting married. It was surreal and fantastic! I was caught by surprise, but we managed to capture really great shots.

And of course, then the party started. Oh boy! These people know how to have a good time. I was about to drop the camera and begin dancing too. Then I remembered... I'm the photographer! So contagious and hella fun. 

I can only add to you guys, Andrea & Polo, thank you. Not only for inviting me to document your beautiful wedding, but for the opportunity to get to know your kind spirits and for letting me fall in love with Mexico. You guys ROCK!!!