The colossal Sacsayhuaman, and my third day back home

Day three. We were not even a little exhausted. Our plan was to get as much juice as we could from this glorious fruit called Cusco. And we did!

Sacsayhuaman, an Incan ruin was only a couple of blocks behind our hotel. So I geared up with my Canon equipment, some water, a big suck of air in our lungs and set up for our brand new day. The site was impressive, but not as we thought it would be. We hired a guide who explained to us (more to Amy actually) the history behind this colossal site. We stood next to the enormous boulders, slide on some others and went through tunnels. We had a blast! Gorgeous day, gorgeous place, gorgeous everything!

After Sacsayhuaman, we drove to Quenko (yet another impressive marvelous arquitectonic rock based site). Some minutes to marvel ourselves with it and we set the drive to the White Christ (Cristo Blanco). Was here where the whole city of Cuzco was on the palm of our hands. You could hold such a beauty between our fingers and snap the most incredible shots. After some time there, we set our course to the main plaza to shoot some people (my favorite subject) and it could not be more perfect. We hit some local museums and restaurants as we said goodbye to this wonderful city. Yet another one to visit the next day: Aguas Calientes and the outstanding world marvel of Machu Picchu.