The great city of Cusco and my first day back home.

It was November 5th of 2003 when I left Peru. That is 3796 days since I left for the last time my country. One of the best places in the world, and hands down, one of the best cuisines men will know. By far. I can’t describe the emotion in counting the days for this trip. It was around 7 months in advance when my beautiful girl and I bought the tickets and planned this fantastic trip. We were counting every day, and I was getting extremely anxious about seeing my family, my friends, my old neighborhood, and the places I used to hang out. So much history and feelings were starting to get moved from the bottom of my heart. As the waiting months transformed into days we were psyched. It was going to be our first official trip/adventure together. Some say a trip like this one can test one couple’s endurance. And it was one of the best days in our lives together. We can say we passed with an A+

We left JFK on March 28. We made a connection in Atlanta and we set off to our first adventure overseas. I had a big knot in my throat. But not because I am a little nervous about flying, but because it was a lot to handle for me. After all, coming back to the land that watched me grow, was a big deal. I remember sitting in the plane, on our flight to Lima, and my eyes were starting to water. I was filled up with so much joy and excitement I couldn’t control myself. I was finally coming back to my country. Well... after watching the horizon and a couple of movies for six hours and change.

We finally landed in Lima around 11pm on March 29. But our destiny was Cusco, so we decided to wait there for our next flight. I was so impressed by the changes I saw. After all, ten years mixed up with good economical regulations the government did, payed off.

We took the flight to Cusco after waiting for around eight hours in the airport. We set our course to the glorious land of the Incas, the most important capital in South America at it’s peak.

So, without further adieu my friends, let me introduce you to the City of Cusco. All pictures, by the way, were taken with a Canon 5D Mk II, a 100mm, 20mm and 85mm lenses. Enjoy!