The Great Cuban-American wedding: Biki & Lloyd

I cry on weddings. There. I said it. I am a sucker of true love, and I get goosebumps when people are madly in love. But this wedding... these guys took it to the next level. 
Biki is cuban. Born with the latino flavor and these sparky eyes. Lloyd... he is plain awesome. White-beared dude. Seriously bearded. 

When Biki called me, she told me "my wedding is on a Friday and on a Sunday". She told me about her plans, and it was so amazing I couldn't resist to say OF COURSE!

So, the day started on a Friday at the San Francisco City Hall. They brought some close friends and family to witness their elopement at this quintessential building. Her dress was rad, his beard was glamorous and their entourage was fantastic. What a great crowd and vibe!

We snapped pictures away from the other photographers and use the majestic building as a huge playground. Just how I like to roll. And they were game. Oh yes they were!

So after the ceremony and some creative & formal shots were taken they invited me to keep shooting at their mini-celebration. We all arrived at Rusty's. This fantastic restaurant had the most tasty southern style food in SF. So delicious. It was pretty cool to be seated right next to the kitchen and see the men making the scrumptious food. So good! You should definitely try it.

After taking some photojournalistic style shots, we wrapped the day and waited for Sunday.
Which blew my mind. I was not exactly sure what to expect. I only had a feeling I needed to bring my strobes to shoot at this REALLY dark place. After all. It's was a concert: The Great American Music Hall.  And it didn't disappoint. The place was pitch black, but with the adequate light, this place had so much to offer. 300 guests. I didn't count them, but there was a ton of people. How AWESOME is that! two bands performed that night, and another ceremony took place. This time it really rocked! And they made me weep while I was shooting. Biki's vows were super touching and a straight arrow to the heart. Lloyd decided that words without music were not enough. So he decided to sing his vows. Yup. With the band. And he killed it. 

After that, people started dancing and partying until they just kicked us out. 

I wish you guys the best. You guys are such kindred spirits and I hope to see you again some time soon.