The Koralian wedding: Jenny & Joseph

Not many times I witness a Korean-Italian wedding. These two guys contacted me a little while ago and I fell in love with their personalities. Joe found me on The Knot and we met at The Interval, in San Francisco. 

We hit it off right away and we worked on a package that would fit their needs. So after two months I was in Santa Cruz shooting a wedding. Again. 
I certainly have great memories about Santa Cruz. Surfing times, great company and amazing walks by the boardwalk. But this wedding in particular will left another great memory. 

Jenny got ready with her bridesmaids and her close family. It was fun to shoot the whole getting process of it and meet Joe at the small venue they picked: Casa Nostra

I love small weddings. There is a special thing about them. I love to meet everyone in the family and have fun with them and their friends. Not that I dislike big weddings I love them too. But the challenge to shoot awesome images is pretty intense.

Anyway. I had a great time shooting Jenny & Joe's wedding, and I wish you the best in their future. Hope to see you soon guys!