The stunning Incan city of Ollantaytambo, and my fifth day back home.

Our last day in Cuzco. Our last day in the capital of the Incan empire with its temperamental weather and high altitude. What an amazing day & night at Ollantaytambo. The ruins are so impressive and so energetic. Although, there were quite a few people having problems breathing at that height, my girlfriend and I were cruising up and down exploring every corner we could. Of course, I was snapping pictures like crazy! This place was for me even more amazing to walk/climb/hike than it was the first time – 20 years ago. The next day, we went to Patacancha. It was quite a ride to get up there, but it was so worth it. We visited a textile community named Awamaki, where not only they hand make beautiful textiles, but you can learn from them how to do it as well. The people living there are so greatful with visitors and also enjoyed me been there to take some images. Enjoy the pictures!