Two very hot days in Sevilla.

Sevilla was very, very hot. I think this was where I stayed the longest at the Airbnb. I arrived from Valencia, which was not that warm, into a pizza oven. I think that by the end of these two days, plus of course the previous ones I had already lost 15lbs. 107 degrees welcomed me into Sevilla. I am not sure how people can manage the summer there. It was brutal, but still I grabbed my Sony and went for a street safari. 

Located in the autonomous Community of Andalusia, Sevilla lays in the southern coast of Spain, on the plain of the river Guadalquivir, facing of course: Africa. Hence the hot weather in the summer? Why I didn't think of this before!

It gathers, among many amazing structures, three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Alcázar Palace, the Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies. I couldn't make it inside the Cathedral this time, but I did visit the other two. I have to say, the Alcázar was truly spectacular. The Mudéjar style is mesmerizing, and can truly speak for the Moorish culture before Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon expelled them from the Iberian Peninsula.

Many movies and TV shows have been filmed here. From Lawrence of Arabia to Game of Thrones, this Palace gathers rich walls, vibrant colors, beautiful art and amazing gardens. It's truly a gift to humanity. A place you should definitely consider visiting if you ever come to Spain. But please, avoid it during the summer time. It's really hot!

I was walking the city around noon. I seriously didn't see a soul. It felt like a zombie apocalypse. Then of course I remembered about the siesta. People from Sevilla take this lapse of time during the day seriously. There is no commerce, no walking, no anything between 2pm and 5pm. I don't blame them. I was probably the only guy toasting outside. 

After walking a great chunk of this beautiful city I end up at Plaza España. With 10% of battery life. Yup, happens. Still, I manage to capture some cool shots until my camera decided to take her own siesta. After that I decided to walk around some more and take a cab back to my place. There was no way on Earth I would have walk back under that heat. 

The night out was a ton of fun. Of that, there are no pictures of course but great memories. Great food, drinks and company. And I did wake up late the next morning. Ready to get to the train station back to where it all started: Madrid. I left my luggage at the station and went for another scorching walk. This time I visited the Sevilla FC soccer stadium. Now I know why Sampaoli left Sevilla. It's really uncomfortable to walk in 107 degrees with a thermic sensation of 120. I'm not kidding. I was stopping at every bar that was open on my way. A beer and a glass of water. Which by the way, I find super interesting. In Spain they don't have anything cold, but beer. Water is al tiempo! So guess which one I binged first! More pictures here and there, and then jumped into the train. Toledo was coming up.