Visca Barceló, visca Catalunya e visca España!

Five days of total bliss. Five days in my absolutely favorite place in Spain. Five days surrounded by beautiful people, amazing friends, great food and amazing company. Barcelona is a place where you can smell the art in the air. You can feel it coming into your veins and taking you to so many amazing places. My plan was to stay three days, but this city is worth way more than that. 

It's really jammed with tourists, yes. And it's because Barcelona is fascinating. From La Sagrada Familia, to the Park Güell, to the Rambla and the Gothic Quarter. This place is incredible. To the point I was thinking... why I am not living here instead? My sister was right when she came first in 2002. She told me, and I'm quoting "dude, if you ever go to Barcelona you will never come back". I swear, I would probably had stayed here. People are SO nice, so open minded, and so friendly.

This is where, among other great artists, Picasso studied and where Gaudí did the most amazing stuff ever conceived. His work in la Sagrada Familia is remarkable. I haven't seen anything so beautiful like that in my whole life. There is truly nothing that can compare with it. I am surprised it's not part of the Seven Wonders of the World. I swear, this place make you have goosebumps.

Barcelona is smartly conceived also. It's metro system is extremely efficient and there is pretty much no place where the subway can't take you. I had the chance to use it and it took me everywhere I wanted to go. Like la Boquería for example. This famous indoor public market with meat, produce, cheese & an array of other food in a bustling space has the most amazing delicacies ever. I bet the restaurants there are really good, like the few I tried, but this market offers scrumptious food! So try it.

Many nights out, went dancing and partying with friends and people I just met there. What a place my God. An entire day at the beach with my friend, surrounded by the Mediterranean and beautiful people everywhere. 

Anther day getting lost at the Gothic Quarters. What an impressive labyrinth. Even though is not quite that, I got severely lost there, but had a ton of fun. This colorful place presents you with tiny streets with a lot of stores, really cool buildings with beautiful balconies. 

On another occasion I went to Parque Güell. This place is where the Gaudi House Museum is located. An amazing sightseeing of the entire city of Barcelona. Beautiful spaces with multicolored mosaics, musicians performing, painters doing their craft and overall an amazing place to just breathe art coming from every direction.

I think on my fourth day I ended up at the church and amusement park of Tibidabo. Just google this place. You will be blown away. But maybe the most underrated place in Barcelona is Montserrat. Maybe is because it's a little far away from the city, Montserrat hosts the Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary and which is identified by some with the location of the Holy Grail. The hike starts at the bottom, and to get up to the monastery you need to get into the funicular. After that, it's quite a walk. The sightseeing is second to none. The summit of Montserrat is called Sant Jeroni and stands at 4,055 feet above sea-level. I could write so much about Barcelona, but since this is a photography blog, I rather you take a look at the images and enjoy them. I am just amazed I was about to come to a feast with a silly lunchbox.