When a man loves a woman. Joe & Joan Claire

This is not a Michael Bolton song, or me trying to put the lyrics on my blog. But this was my first experience shooting a proposal. I was actually blown away by the Yes Girls phone call asking me if I was interested in shooting a proposal here in San Francisco. I was like... OF COURSE!

So after going through other photographers, Joe decided he wanted to go with me. And I feel enormously flattered and happy not only to had shot this proposal, but honored to be a witness of it. You see, these type of things you only get to see in a movie or maybe, if you are lucky, in restaurant or a hot spot for proposals. I thought... "piece of cake, I'll just hide and shoot". I was wrong.

I've shot so many weddings and engagements, and although they are extremely fun and beautiful, something magical happened that day. Joe went on one knee and asked Joan Claire to marry him. Like a BOSS. Like the Maverick he is.

They both met in Virginia Beach, where Joe was stationed at NAS Oceania at the time. She was living in her home town of Richmond. After their first date along the Virginia Beach boardwalk and homemade dinner, they both knew they were immediately in love. 

Fast forward 7 months. Joseph got his new duty station, and it just happened to be on the other coast. Upon finding out, they both couldn't be happier and ready to make the cross country trip and make their life together. And become even closer than before.

Since then, their lives together have been in a constant state of elation and their love stronger than imaginable. And Joe proved that with one of the most personal, and thought out proposals. 

Urban Botanica did a wonderful setup. You could breathe love in the air. It was quite overwhelming for me. When I saw Joe and Joan Claire walking inside the Golden State Park I went to hide behind some bushes and started snapping pictures. But everything went surreal the moment he went on one knee. That moment was so powerful and so beautiful at the same time. It meant a lot to me. It really did.

After the proposal itself, Joseph had Joan Claire's brother, sister and new brother in law surprise her at a restaurant where they were planning on breaking the news.

You guys made my day on that day. I will never forget this session.