Hot as Love: Carlee & Mike

It was a really hot day in Napa at Carlee & Mike's wedding day. We started at the Marriot Hotel in Napa. They were both staying there, so things were super easy. But the sun was not giving any advance on how hard it was going to burst. And it was just a matter of time until the day became ridiculously hot. Scorching.

Carlee was wearing a stunning dress and cowboy boots. Loved her laid back style that went hand to hand with her awesome personality. And so was Mike. No tux, or anything extremely fancy, but a great simplistic style and a huge excitement to get married. 

After some getting ready shots and a first-look session, we all jumped in a charter bus that took us to a private winery called Joaquin's Winery. Just an amazing location in Napa. There were hills everywhere and such an extraordinary place to glance the sunset. The ceremony and reception were held here, and I could not wait till the sun started to set to snap some beautiful portraits of these awesome couple. Best wishes to you both guys! Enjoy!